You Are Worth It

Have you ever felt like you had to look like you have it all together? I have. There is so much shaming done using social media now-a-days and everyone, it seems, feels entitled to give their opinion about everyone and everything.

Did you know that, ultimately, no one else’s opinion (besides yours and God’s) matters? If you do your hair the same every single day because it is easy for you and gives you one less thing in life to stress about–who really matters enough to be able to tell you that you should shake it up a bit and go with straightened hair instead of the usual ponytail?  Who are they to have any say in the choices you make for YOU?

If it makes you happy to go out and buy yourself a pair of skinny jeans, do it! No one has any right to tell you that you are too overweight to wear skinny jeans. If you also bought the cutest pair of boots, wear them proudly with the outfit of your choice regardless of what you think others might think or say…and OWN IT.

Last year for Easter, I got the cutest flowy dress that was navy blue and had white cranes on it. I absolutely loved it and decided that I wanted to wear it to work because I felt so good in it. I paired it with a navy blue sweater and navy ankle boots and flitted off to work feeling so great. Would you believe me if I told you that someone at work asked me when I was going to grow up and start wearing adult clothes?

The sad part is that I actually let it get to me and haven’t worn it since. In that moment, I let someone else decide the standard that I was going to have for myself and my clothing choices. I gave away my self-confidence and my power to rise above those type of people. You know the type…the ones who always have something negative to say.

Recently, I’ve discovered that I have let a lot of things affect me in the same way. Negative words hit me so deeply even though they shouldn’t. And even though I am so deeply affected by words, I rarely even let on that I am bothered. I seemingly shrug it off as though I could care less when inside I am completely shattered.

It’s like looking at a house that looks sturdy, but underneath, the foundation is cracked, and you wouldn’t even know it by looking at the exterior.

Matthew 12:34 says, “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

This really puts words into perspective for me. I have no control over what others say. What I do have control over, however, is the words that I speak and the actions that I take. If you could make the choice between allowing yourself to be beaten down by others words or deciding to give grace and rise above…which would you choose?

I am only in control of the words that I speak. What do I want to portray to others about myself through my words? Selfishness, a complete disregard for otyou-are-absolutelyhers, and disdain–OR–Kindness, love, compassion, grace, and peacefulness?

Make the choice to rise above those negative words or actions and love yourself regardless! You are worth loving. I know someone who loves you so much that He says you are worth
loving AND you are worth dying for. His love is unconditional and His approval does not depend on your actions…or the trend of clothes you wear…or how you style your hair…or if you wear makeup.

He loves you despite anything you have done that is unlovable because His love is everlasting and ever-reaching. He reaches your most unlovable places and fills them with His love that never changes, never wavers, and never ends. And He says that you are worth it.

And you absolutely are.



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