Chemical-Free Home Class Coming Soon!

Teaching has become one of my biggest passions. I LOVE teaching others about essential oils, how the body works, and how to improve your health and wellness using natural methods. You know when you try something super scary…and it IS scary…but then, after doing it a few times, it ends up being one of the greatest, most fulfilling parts of your life? That is what teaching is for me. I love it. It scares me. It can get uncomfortable and awkward. But I was made for teaching. And it fuels my passion for natural living even more when I get to share that with others.

I’m sharing this with you because I am going to be teaching another class in February that I think everyone could benefit from. I will be going over strategies on how to move your home into being more chemical-free. We don’t even realize how many chemicals we use daily. I want to bring awareness to this and then give ideas on how you can decrease or even possibly eliminate the chemicals in your household products completely…all without breaking your budget.

I am very excited about this class and can’t wait to share all about it! The class will be hosted in a Facebook group that I will set up specifically for this class. If you would like to attend the class, click here and select that you will be attending. The class is absolutely free to everyone, so I encourage you to attend. I believe the information presented will be useful for all. I look forward to interacting with you in the class soon!



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