Didn’t You Know?

You are enough.

Struggling mama out there–do you hear me? You are enough.

Life is hard. It is so incredibly hard.

Everyone has their own challenges in this life that they have to overcome every day. No one’s are the exact same because we as individuals are all different. People have similarities, challenges can seem similar, but we were created unique and that makes us uniquely suited for our own struggles.

I want to encourage you today that you are capable to accomplish the tasks set before you. No one can do you like you can. Don’t play the comparison game. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ll let you in on a little secret: if you’re comparing your life to someone’s Facebook-worthy life, you’re comparing your life to the best parts of someone else’s life. What most people post on Facebook or Instagram is not a true reflection of their actual real life. It’s just the highlights reel. Don’t compare yourself to that.

Mama, God created you with the exact characteristics you needed to take care of your children. No one can do a better job than you because God CHOSE you to be the mother of your children. He bestowed the raising and nurturing and loving of your children to you…because He knows you and He knows you are exactly the perfect fit for your children.

So while you may feel completely inadequate, totally unequipped, and slightly insane, God sees you as perfectly adequate, fully equipped, and complete.

God sees you as enough. Take some time to look at yourself through His eyes and see just how amazing you are.

Now, say it with me: I am enough.

…now go find your chocolate stash that you’ve hidden from your kids and enjoy a few pieces.



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